Virtual CFO

In today’s business environment, business requires a combination of  strategic advice and human capital to support growth. Many small businesses are increasingly recognizing the need to have professionals who can manage their strategic requirement, finance and accounts, compliance and other important functions.

As a result, the concept of vCFO has mushroomed in the recent years catering to the needs and affordability of Startups & Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs). vCFOs are professional experts not only managing the compliance aspects but also contributing to the bottom line by using their financial planning & analytical skills.

Why the concept is gaining popularity in India

  • Complex business environment often calls for frequent changes in strategy, structure and other related issues
  • Increasing demand from Startups / SMEs not familiar with the complexities of compliances
  • Gen-next taking control over family-run business feel the need of CFO in the changing business environment
  • Small business unable to provide a career path and retain full time CFO

Our Approach

Through our vCFO services, we become an integral part of your team  and address your business needs without the expense and charge of a full time CFO.

  • As a process we first make an assessment of  the company’s current systems, processes & controls. We look at the company’s general regulatory hygiene
  • We recommend/ suggest changes to the existing systems, processes and policies to meet the current business needs
  • We work with the management on their vision and develop a finance plan for executing the vision
  • We assist in implementing their vision and thereafter take care of the entire finance function

Our Services

Planning & Strategy

  • Business & strategic planning for growth & sustenance
  • Design & implementation of best practice framework for internal governance
  • Forecasting, budgeting, costing, variance analysis & cost reduction
  • Receivables, payables, cash flow and working capital management including Forex transactions
  • Setting up of commercial processes including negotiations, sales and procurement planning and Contracts
  • Setting up of dealer/depot network, project finance, market research and survey
  • Inventory management
  • Tax planning

Compliance Outsourcing

  • Book-keeping, management accounting & other compliance function
  • Setting up standard operating procedures (SOPs)
  • Evaluation of internal controls and monitoring results
  • Timely and accurate adherence with finance & legal requirements
  • Systems audit including MIS & ERP
  • Secretarial matters & other statutory compliances

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