Legal framework on appointment, roles and responsibilities of Directors under Indian Company Law

Oct 27, 2020Admin

It is rightly said by Charles Keating “I believe the Director’s primary role is to create an atmosphere where his…

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Business Valuation: Introduction and its purpose

May 13, 2019Admin

How much is your business worth? That is not a speculative question, or one that should be answered with a…

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Startup Funding – A Hypothetical Startup goes from IDEA to IPO

Feb 28, 2019Blog

New Era Of Entrepreneurship: For any entrepreneur, capital investment is one of the important catalyst to drive future growth. Fund…

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Internal Financial Controls: A Need for Compliance or an Opportunity to Introspect!

May 24, 2017Blog

By now most companies would be aware of what IFCs are (Internal Financial Controls /Internal Controls over Financial Reporting). The last year has…

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