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Internal Financial Controls

Corporate Managing Directors / Finance Controllers might have been hearing lot of buzz over the last few months relating to the mandatory requirement of having Internal Financial Controls in place. This bulletin seeks to cover an insight in simple words, into What are Internal Financial Controls, Objective of such controls, Is it necessary to have such Controls in place, Audit Requirements, Our View on the matter and How We Can Help.  

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Unleashing Startups in India

Indian Startup environment has kicked-off in the recent years by young Entrepreneurs unleashing a wave of private equity investments and evolving technology. Given the complex yet progressive Indian regulatory environment, it is extremely important for early stage companies to have the right compliance systems in place since inception to avoid the hassles of disputes with Government authorities in future.  

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Article – Setting up of Business in India by Foreign Companies

Foreign investments are a vital part of a country's economy. Government of India has formulated the consolidated Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Policy and other investment policies, with an intent to promote foreign investment in the country. This article highlights various ways in which foreign companies may enter India and start business in various forms of entities and the procedure and compliances required for incorporation of such entities.

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