Management Representation

Our Services for Management Representation is mentioned below:

  • Representing the Board and assisting in designing and implementing a best practice framework for organizational development and Corporate governance.
  • Assistance in developing and implementing organizational policies, systems and procedures as per the Indian law and regulation.
  • Advising the Management for staying compliant with various statutes and to act as Management’s authorized representative.
  • Assisting in designing and implementing a robust, efficient and effective Planning, Legal, Statutory and Reporting systems.
  • Preparing a detailed Budgeting Plan covering short term & Long term scenarios for efficient fund management.
  • Identifying bottlenecks of companies and assisting them to work out plans to secure profit maximization.
  • Identifying new markets: Assisting in identification of suitable market, Competition, Pricing, Tax & Regulatory structure and conversion of business opportunities
  • Representation and negotiation for business partnerships and alliances

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